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Welcome to LITE lab! We are taking a multidisciplinary approach to understanding processes of tumor initiation, growth, and spread. We are confident that by embracing the perspectives and technologies of fields ranging from the physical sciences and engineering, to microbiology and biomedicine, we will contribute new ideas and treatments that are desperately needed as traditional therapies continue to fail patients with the most aggressive cancers.

Recent News:
7/26/16 - Jill and Mohammad’s paper “Improving cancer therapies by targeting the physical and chemical hallmarks of the tumor microenvironment” has been published in Cancer Letters, congrats to both!
7/17/16 - Several lab members have had their abstracts accepted for talks at BMES in Minnesota! Please stop by to hear about our work in October!

5/4/16 - A book titled “Microfluidic Methods for Molecular Biology”, co-edited by Dr. Verbridge, is now available from Springer Publishing!

Image credits: Upper three, Scott Verbridge; lower-left, Arend van der Zande; lower-right, Michael Diersing.